bureaubureau, a portfolio by didier f.

I’m a Paris-based Italian art director with a refined understanding of the luxury market and a conceptual eye. Over the past ten years, I've been collaborating with international brands in the fields of fashion and culture, specializing in global image strategy and visual identity across multiple disciplines including publishing, digital and social media · didierfalzone[at]gmail.com

↑    Toh! WebMagazine, 2019—2016.  Art Director.

↑    WithStyle Magazine, 2018—2017.  Graphic Designer.

↑    2016: On New Italian Photography, 2017.  Graphic Designer.

↑    VO+ Dubai, 2017—2015.  Art Director.

↑    VO+ Magazine, 2017—2012.  Creative Director

↑    Urban Magazine , 2016—2014.  Art director.

↑    Playboy Italia, 2014—2002.  Art director.

↑    Fantom Photographic Quarterly, 2012—2009.  Editorial assistant.
↑    Fantom Editions, 2019—2012.  Web-designer.

↑    Intersection Magazine Italia, 2011.  Graphic Designer.

↑    NoMad Magazine, 2011. Graphic Designer.

↑    Soup Magazine, 2013—2011.  Graphic Designer.

↑    toBe Magazine, 2011—2010.  Art Director.

↑    Rodeo Magazine Italia, 2009—2008.  Graphic Designer.


Illustration Works: